Here's the short story

We are Trevor, Rhema and Scarlett.
Husband and Wife since 2012
Trevor works at a Police Department
Rhema is a Photographer
Scarlett was Born leap day 2016
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The Peterson's

Trevor: Coloradoan, Beer enthusiast, Video game nerd, board game master, loving, kind-hearted and the best listener! 

Rhema: Mostly Coloradoan ;), Donut addict, Photographer, Creative, People-Person, Adventurer, Traveler. 

Scarlett Neve: Born on Leap Day 2016, "Little Love", Looks just like daddy, acts just like mommy. 

Sterling Lux: Coming December 2018!

Together we are the Petersons, We love Jesus, we love our church family, We aren't anything extraordinary in fact we may be dull or boring sometimes but we are full of life and love and are learning how to be the best version of us.

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